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MLR Brakes

Published: 3/1/2018 10:14 AM
​​This page contains a series of lesson plans that can be used for the listed subjects.
​​Each is listed by area and then alphabetically by description. Click on the title to download an editable copy.
Brakes - ABS Regen PlansDescribe the operation of a regenerative bra
Brakes - ABS Regen PlansIdentify traction control
Brakes - Misc. Power BoosterCheck Operation of Brake Stop Lamp System
Brakes - Misc. Power BoosterCheck parking brake cables and components fo
Brakes - Misc. Power BoosterCheck parking brake operation and parking br
Brakes - Misc. Power BoosterPower Booster Plan
Brakes - Misc. Power BoosterRemove Clean Inspect Repack Install Wheel Be
Brakes - Misc. Power BoosterReplace Wheel Bearing and Race Install Wheel
Brakes - General Thru HydraulicsBleed and or Flush Brake System
Brakes - General Thru HydraulicsCheck Master Cylinder for External Leaks and
Brakes - General Thru HydraulicsDescribe procedure for performing a road tes
Brakes - General Thru HydraulicsIdentify the Components of Brake Warning Lig
Brakes - General Thru HydraulicsInspect brake lines flexible hoses and fitti
Brakes - General Thru HydraulicsInstall wheel and torque the lug nuts
Brakes - General Thru HydraulicsMeasure brake pedal height
Brakes - General Thru HydraulicsSelect handle store and fill brake fluids to
Brakes - General Thru HydraulicsTest brake fluid for contamination
Brakes - Disc Brake PlansCheck brake pad wear indicator Burnish Pads
Brakes - Disc Brake PlansClean and inspect caliper mounting and slide
Brakes - Disc Brake PlansClean and inspect rotor measure rotor thickn
Brakes - Disc Brake PlansRefinish Rotor On car off car
Brakes - Disc Brake PlansRemove and clean caliper assembly
Brakes - Disc Brake PlansRemove and reinstall rotor
Brakes - Disc Brake PlansRemove inspect and Replace Pads Lubricate Re
Brakes - Disc Brake PlansRetract and Readjust rear caliper piston rea
Brakes - Drum BrakesInspect wheel cylinders for leaks and proper
Brakes - Drum BrakesPre adjust brake shoes and parking brake ins
Brakes - Drum BrakesRemove clean and inspect brake shoes springs
Brakes - Drum BrakesRemove Clean Inspect and Measure Brake Drum

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