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MLR Engine Performance

Published: 3/1/2018 10:15 AM
​This page contains a series of lesson plans that can be used for the listed subjects.
​Each is listed by area and then alphabetically by description. Click on the title to download an editable copy.
MLR Engine PerformanceCheck and refill diesel exhaust fluid
MLR Engine PerformanceDescribe the importance of operating all OBD
MLR Engine PerformanceInspect the integrity and condition of the e
MLR Engine PerformanceInspect, service, or replace air filters, fi
MLR Engine PerformanceInspect, test, and service positive crankcas
MLR Engine PerformancePerform cylinder cranking and running compre
MLR Engine PerformancePerform cylinder leakage test
MLR Engine PerformancePerform cylinder power balance test
MLR Engine PerformancePerform engine absolute (vacuum boost) manif
MLR Engine PerformanceRemove and replace spark plugs
MLR Engine PerformanceReplace fuel filters
MLR Engine PerformanceRetrieve and record diagnostic trouble codes
MLR Engine PerformanceVerify engine operating temperature

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