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MLR Engine Repair

Published: 2/20/2017 9:25 AM
​​This page contains a series of lesson plans that can be used for the listed subjects.
​​Each is listed by area and then alphabetically by description. Click on the title to download an editable copy.
MLR Engine RepairAdjust valves on engines with mechanical or
MLR Engine RepairIdentify hybrid vehicle internal combustion
MLR Engine RepairInspect and test coolant Drain and recover,
MLR Engine RepairInspect Engine Assembly for Leaks MLR
MLR Engine RepairInspect Replace Adjust Drive Belts
MLR Engine RepairInstall Engine Covers using Gaskets MLR
MLR Engine RepairPerform common fastener and thread repairs M
MLR Engine RepairPerform cooling system pressure and dye test
MLR Engine RepairPerform Engine Oil and Filter Change
MLR Engine RepairRemove and Replace Timing Belt Plan, Verify
MLR Engine RepairRemove Inspect and Replace Thermostat
MLR Engine RepairResearch Applicable Vehicle and Service Info
MLR Engine RepairVerify operation of instrument panel gauges

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