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Published: 3/1/2018 10:30 AM
​This page contains a series of lesson plans that can be used for the listed subjects.
​​Each is listed by area and then alphabetically by description. Click on the title to download an editable copy.
Non Structural IDetermine the extent of damage to aluminum body panels; repair or replace
Non Structural IDetermine the extent of direct and indirect hidden damage and direction of
Non Structural IDiagnose and repair water leaks, dust leaks, and wind noise
Non Structural IIdentify one-time use fasteners
Non Structural IInspect, remove and replace bolted, bonded, and welded steel panel or pane
Non Structural IInspect, remove, and reinstall repairable plastics and other components fo
Non Structural IInspect, remove, label, store, and reinstall body panels and components, m
Non Structural IInspect, remove, label, store, and reinstall exterior trim and moldings
Non Structural IInspect, remove, label, store, and reinstall interior trim and components
Non Structural IInspect, remove, replace and align fenders, and related panels
Non Structural IInspect, remove, replace, and align bumper bars, covers, reinforcement, gu
Non Structural IInspect, remove, replace, and align deck lid, lid hinges, and lid latch
Non Structural IInspect, remove, replace, and align doors, latches, hinges, tailgates, hat
Non Structural IInspect, remove, replace, and align hood, hood hinges, and hood latch
Non Structural IPerform panel bonding and weld bonding
Non Structural IPrepare damaged area using water-based and solvent-based cleaners, Remove
Non Structural IProtect panels, glass, interior parts, and other vehicles adjacent to the
Non Structural IReplace door skins
Non Structural IRestore corrosion protection
Non Structural IRestore sound deadeners and foam materials
Non Structural IReview damage report and analyze damage to determine appropriate methods f
Non Structural ISoap and Water Wash Vehicle
Non Structural IStraighten contours of damaged panels to a suitable condition for body fil
Non Structural IWeld damaged or torn steel body panels; repair broken welds
Non Structural IIDemonstrate hammer and dolly techniques
Non Structural IIDetermine the proper metal finishing techniques and proper application of
Non Structural IIHeat shrink and cold shrink stretched panel areas to proper contour
Non Structural IIIdentify different types of body fillers
Non Structural IIInitialize electrical components as needed
Non Structural IIInspect, adjust, repair or replace window regulators, run channels, glass,
Non Structural IIInspect, adjust, repair, remove, reinstall or replace weather-stripping
Non Structural IIInspect, repair or replace, and adjust removable power operated controls
Non Structural IILocate and repair surface irregularities on a damaged body panel
Non Structural IIPrepare and apply body filler
Non Structural IIRemove paint from the damaged area of a body panel
Non Structural IIRough sand body filler to contour; finish sand
Non Structural IIIClean and prepare the metal to be welded, assure good metal fit-up, apply
Non Structural IIIClean and prepare the surface of plastic parts; identify the types of plas
Non Structural IIIDetermine the correct GMAW (MIG) welder type, electrode wire type, diamete
Non Structural IIIDetermine the joint type (butt weld with backing, lap, etc.) for weld bein
Non Structural IIIDetermine the type of weld (continuous, stitch weld, plug, etc.) for each
Non Structural IIIDetermine work clamp (ground) location and attach. Use the proper angle of
Non Structural IIIIdentify cause of contact tip burn-back and failure of wire to feed; make
Non Structural IIIIdentify cutting process for different substrates and locations; perform c
Non Structural IIIIdentify different methods of attaching non-structural components
Non Structural IIIIdentify the causes of various welding defects; make necessary adjustments
Non Structural IIIIdentify the types of plastics; determine repairability
Non Structural IIIIdentify weldable and non-weldable substrates used in vehicle construction
Non Structural IIIPerform the following welds, continuous, plug, butt weld with and without
Non Structural IIIPerform visual and destructive tests on each weld type
Non Structural IIIProtect adjacent panels, glass, vehicle interior, etc. from welding and cu
Non Structural IIIRemove or repair damaged areas from rigid exterior composite panels
Non Structural IIIRepair rigid, semi-rigid, or flexible plastic panels
Non Structural IIIReplace bonded rigid exterior composite body panels; straighten or align p
Non Structural IIISet up and adjust the GMAW (MIG) welder to tune for proper electrode stick
Non Structural IIIStore, handle, and install high-pressure gas cylinders
Non Structural IIIWeld and Cut Aluminum

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