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Transportation Lesson Plans (Diesel)

Published: 6/11/2018 3:23 PM
This page contains a series of lesson plans for Diesel sorted by specific areas.

​Use the drop down box to select the Specific area, then select an editable lesson plan

Check air system build-up time; determine needed action.docx
Check emergency (back-up, reserve) brake assist system.docx
Check parking brake operation; inspect parking brake application and holdi.docx
Clean, inspect, lubricate and replace wheel bearings and races cups; repla.docx
Diagnose antilock brake system (ABS) electronic control(s) and components .docx
Drain air reservoir tanks; check for oil, water, and foreign material.docx
Identify and test anti-compounding brake function.docx
Identify poor stopping and wheel lock-up problems caused by failure of the.docx
Identify poor stopping, air leaks, premature wear, pulling, grabbing, drag.docx
Identify poor stopping, brake noise, premature wear, pulling, grabbing, dr.docx
Identify poor stopping, brake noise, premature wear, pulling, grabbing, or.docx
Identify poor stopping, premature wear, pulling, dragging, balance, or ped.docx
Identify stopping problems caused by the brake assist (booster) system; de.docx
Identify type, inspect and service slack adjusters; perform needed action.docx
Identify, inspect and or replace unitized pre-set hub bearing assemblies.docx
Inspect air compressor inlet; inspect oil supply and coolant lines, fittin.docx
Inspect air system lines, hoses, fittings, and couplings; repair or replac.docx
Inspect and clean air drier systems, filters, valves, heaters, wiring, and.docx
Inspect and measure brake drums or rotors; perform needed action.docx
Inspect and measure brake shoes or pads; perform needed action.docx
Inspect and measure disc brake pads; inspect mounting hardware; perform ne.docx
Inspect and measure rotors; perform needed action.docx
Inspect and test air system pressure controls.docx
Inspect and test air tank relief (safety) valves, one-way (single) check v.docx
Inspect and test brake application (foot) valve, fittings, and mounts; che.docx
Inspect and test brake fluid; bleed and or flush system; determine proper .docx
Inspect and test brake pressure differential valve and warning light circu.docx
Inspect and test brake relay valves and quick release valves.docx
Inspect and test emergency (spring) brake control modulator valve(s); repl.docx
Inspect and test hand brake (trailer) control valve, lines, fittings, and .docx
Inspect and test low pressure warning devices, wiring, and connectors; rep.docx
Inspect and test master cylinder for internal and external leaks and damag.docx
Inspect and test metering (hold-off), load sensing proportioning, proporti.docx
Inspect and test parking (spring) brake chamber diaphragm and seals; repla.docx
Inspect and test parking (spring) brake check valves, lines, hoses, and fi.docx
Inspect and test service brake chambers, diaphragm, clamp, spring, pushrod.docx
Inspect and test stop light circuit switches, wiring, and connectors; repa.docx
Inspect and test tractor protection valve; replace as needed.docx
Inspect camshafts, tubes, rollers, bushings, seals, spacers, retainers, br.docx
Inspect compressor drive belts drive gear and coupling; adjust, replace as.docx
Inspect disc brake caliper assemblies; replace as needed.docx
Inspect hydraulic system brake lines, flexible hoses, and fittings for lea.docx
Inspect, clean, and adjust air disc brake assemblies; determine needed rep.docx
Inspect, test, repair, or replace hydraulic brake assist (booster), hoses.docx
Manually release (cage) and reset (uncage) parking (spring) brakes in acco.docx
Observe antilock brake system (ABS) warning light operation (includes dash.docx
Observe automatic traction control (ATC) warning light operation; Diagnose.docx
Test and check operation of antilock brake system (ABS) air, hydraulic, el.docx
Test antilock brake system (ABS) wheel speed sensors and circuits; adjust .docx
Verify PLC (Power Line Control) operation.docx

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