Career Choices

Published: 10/2/2019 2:28 PM

​Career Choices in the middle school is an exploratory course which introduces students to a broad range of career opportunities. Units of instruction focus on three areas:

  • employability skills
  • career awareness
  • education/career planning

The curriculum can be adapted for grade levels seven, eight or nine and various schedules as 6, 9, 12 or 18 weeks. Opportunities are provided for the career planning component to be correlated with the Individual Learning Plan (ILP).


Career Exploration is for Elementary Students, too!

Children become aware of the world of careers as early as preschool. Even through simple life experiences, the world of work is all around us. We encourage teachers, advisers, counselors, and parents to use this resource as a fun way to introduce career choices, which should allow children to begin to form their own ideas about career roles. The coloring pages in this e-book are intended to be fun for children Pre-K to 3rd grade. Click this link to access the Career Exploration e-Coloring Book and download to print coloring pages.

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