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Advisory Groups

Commissioner’s Raising Achievement/Closing Gaps Council (CRACGC)

Published: 6/5/2018 3:09 PM

Purpose: The Commissioner’s Raising Achievement/Closing Gaps Council was organized so community members across the state (parents, clergy, practitioners, community leaders, etc.) can provide the department with advice and insight into strategies for addressing the obvious achievement gaps among our state’s children of color, those in poverty, disadvantaged or disabled.

For more information on this group, please contact Claude W. Christian.​

Membership: 28 members: parents, college instructors, clergy, superintendents, teachers, community members and representatives for groups such as special needs students, juvenile justice, human rights and various businesses.

Committee membership will be a representation of all stakeholders. Members may be identified by nomination and/or recommendation from KDE staff and administration as well as from any other interested stakeholders.

The committee will consist of members representing all populations addressed as well as educators and caregivers.

To create rolling membership:
• Members serve two-year terms.
• Membership is staggered to allow for approximately 10 new members each year.
• One member from Kentucky Board of Education is selected.
• New members begin their terms at the October meeting.

The CRAGCC now consists of individuals representing agencies, schools and communities who have an interest in equity and diversity issues. The CRAGC provides the commissioner a more direct opportunity for input from persons who have first-hand knowledge of issues faced by schools, districts and communities as they continue to raise the levels of student achievement for ALL schools and ALL students and close the student achievement gaps that exist in Kentucky's schools.

In July of 2011 The Commissioner's Raising Achievement/Closing Gaps Council (CRACGC) released a document, "Guidelines for Closing the Gaps for All Children", that is designed to help parents and community members become engaged in schools and districts with useful knowledge of the expectations KDE has for its schools with regard to the achievement gap.
This document is referenced in state regulation 703 KAR 5:225, the regulation related to school and district accountability recognition and support. The guidelines are designed to be parent-friendly so parents are aware of what is expected of the schools and districts. It also provides, as its name implies, guidelines that schools and districts can follow to help ensure that students receive a quality, consistent and equitable education.
Please click the link below to download a copy of the document.
"Guidelines for Closing the Gaps for All Children"
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