Commissioner’s Dyslexia Task Force

Published: 8/23/2017 6:23 PM

Purpose: Commissioner of Education Stephen Pruitt named a task force to study dyslexia and develop recommendations on policy, personnel, and the instructional and fiscal resources needed to identify and support students with dyslexia.

The Taskforce has several work tasks to accomplish, which include:

  • surveying the national landscape by reviewing the most current national data and research on dyslexia;
  • conducting an environmental scan to determine implications for policy and programming;
  • reviewing current policies and practices being implemented across the Commonwealth and other states for screening, identifying and instructing students with dyslexia;
  • examining and analyzing state level intervention data and current practices for students with dyslexia; and
  • developing recommendations to the Commissioner of Education on policy, personnel, and the instructional and fiscal resources needed to support the implementation of the methodologies for identifying and serving students with dyslexia.
The task force will develop and report findings and recommendations to the commissioner by May 31, 2017.

Membership: The task force is comprised of individuals who have experience and expertise in this area, including education shareholders from schools, local districts, postsecondary institutions, education cooperatives and advocacy groups.

Meeting Frequency: The panel meets monthly in Frankfort, KY.

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