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Advisory Groups

Commissioner’s Educator Diversity Task Force

Published: 5/30/2019 11:12 AM

Kentucky Revised Statute 161.165 charges the Kentucky Department of Education, in cooperation with the Education Professional Standards Board, the Kentucky Board of Education, local school districts, universities, and colleges, and the Council on Postsecondary Education to “review and revise as needed the strategic plan for increasing the number of minority teachers and administrators in the Commonwealth.” 

Objectives for this task force are to:

  • Share and discuss latest educator diversity data;
  • Develop an overview of the state’s current landscape of educator diversity efforts;
  • Discuss challenges of current efforts and brainstorm potential solutions;
  • Define and clarify the role, membership, and function of the Educator Diversity Taskforce;
  • Identify clear next steps for development, review, and revision of Kentucky’s strategic plan for educator diversity

Purpose: The Commissioner’s Educator Diversity Task Force will convene periodically to:

  • Develop, monitor and adjust efforts to increase the diversity of Kentucky’s educator workforce by:
    a. establishing programs to identify, recruit, assist in meeting qualifying teacher preparation program requirements, and prepare as teachers minority persons who have already earned college degrees in other job fields
    b. creating awareness among secondary school guidance counselors of the need for minority teachers
  • Explore and identify methods, activities and actions that will improve recruiting and retention results for educator diversity, such as alternate certification programs, such that the percentage of minority educators and minority students are proportional
  • Collaborate with shareholders to develop, review and revise an effective and efficient strategic plan to make a diverse workforce and equitable access a reality for Kentucky students
  • Advise and assist the Kentucky Department of Education and Education Professional Standards Board to create and submit periodic reporting to the Interim Joint Committee on Education that evaluates the results of these efforts and includes accompanying recommendations to establish a continuing program for increasing the number of minorities in teacher education

Membership: School district representatives, higher education representatives, elected officials and representatives from education shareholder and community outreach groups in the state.

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