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School Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability Council (SCAAC)

Published: 2/5/2019 2:40 PM

​Purpose: The School Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability Council (SCAAC), as mandated by KRS 158.6452, was abolished by Executive Order on June 16, 2017 and subsequently re-created to study, assess and audit Kentucky's system of setting academic standards, establishing curriculum, assessing learning, identifying academic competencies and deficiencies of individual students, holding schools accountable for student achievement, and assisting schools to improve their performance.

SCAAC shall report and recommend to the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, the Kentucky Board of Education, Legislative Research Commission and the Education Professional Standards Board, critical 
data related to academic expectations, curriculum, core content for assessment, the development and deployment of statewide assessment and accountability programs, recognition of high-performing schools, imposition of school or district sanctions, and assistance for schools to improve their performance under KRS 158.6453, 158.6455, 158.782, and 158.805. 

Membership: SCAAC is comprised of 15 voting members, with the secretary of education and workforce, or
his designee, and the commissioner of education serving in ex-officio voting capacities along with 13 members appointed by the governor as follows: 
• One parent or member-at-large
• One elementary, middle or high school teacher with responsibility for teaching English, social studies or humanities
• One public school principal
• One public school superintendent
• One local board of education member
• One science, technology, engineering or mathematics teacher
• One school district assessment coordinator
• One gifted and talented teacher or administrator
• One exceptional education teacher or administrator
• One educator representing career and technical programs
• One postsecondary education member with expertise in assessment
• One private sector representative with workforce experience
• One dual appointee of the Education Professional Standards Board

The governor also may designate from these members, one member that will serve as a non-voting advisor to the Kentucky Board of Education.

Meeting Frequency: SCAAC meets four times per year.

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