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Allison Slone

Published: 1/21/2022 4:44 PM

​Ex Officio Member

Allison Slone of Morehead is the first active, full-time teacher to serve on the Kentucky Board of Education. She plans to use her position as a bridge between teachers and policymakers.

Slone is a special education teacher at McBrayer Elementary School (Rowan County), and she has spent her entire career as a special education teacher in the Rowan County schools, working at the middle and elementary school levels.

In 2016, she founded KyReads, an organization that advocates for students with dyslexia by providing educators with professional learning on dyslexia and literacy instruction. She also served on the Kentucky Department of Education's dyslexia task force, and she was a dyslexia education consultant for Miss Kentucky 2015, Clark Davis.

In 2017, she founded Kentucky Teachers in the Know, a Facebook group that was established as a means to keep educators aware of professional development opportunities and educational resources. As of February 2020, the group had almost 20,000 members, and it continues to focus on making information more readily available to educators and stakeholders.

Slone is a former teacher fellow and member of Hope Street Group, where she collaborated with KDE and other education groups and developed skills in survey design and implementation, and data collection and analysis.

She also has served on her school's school-based decision making council, organized and presented at conferences and served in a number of other teacher leadership roles.

Slone holds bachelor's degrees in elementary education and special education, a master's degree in special education and a Rank I certification in special education from Morehead State University.

She is a graduate of Knott County Central High School.

Slone's term does not expire.

KBE SPOTLIGHT | Allison Slone serving as first full-time teacher on state school board

Allison Slone works with a group of students in a classroom at McBrayer Elementary School (Rowan County).

Allison Slone works with a group of students in a classroom at McBrayer Elementary School (Rowan County). Slone, a special education teacher, was appointed to the Kentucky Board of Education as an ex officio member in December; she is the first active, full-time teacher to serve on the Kentucky Board of Education.

Submitted photo by Mandy Triplet, Feb. 12, 2020

Allisone Slone Picture

Who is your favorite teacher and why?

“I have a favorite teacher for different points in my life. In 2nd grade, Mrs. Watley nurtured me through my parent’s divorce. She made me feel loved and at home while dealing with a tough time in my life. In middle school, Ethel Thornsberry taught me to never accept someone else’s viewpoint. Though others had told me how difficult her class was, she became one of my favorites. In the past two years she was a huge supporter of mine.  Her passing last year was tough to accept.

“In high school, I had two favorite teachers. Sheila Stamper was a new young teacher and she pushed me to always strive to do better. She never accepted less than my best. She continues to do that to this day. Then there was Carolyn Gibson, my art teacher for four years. She taught me that the brush was simply an extension of my heart. Though cancer took her from us, I will never forget the love and lessons she gave me.”


What was your favorite subject in school and why?

“My four years of art were my absolute favorite. It was a time of day when I could relax and get lost in a canvas or a lump of clay. We were a bunch of misfits from varying social groups who could set aside all norms and expectations for at least an hour a day to just be ourselves. I learned so much about life through my art, other’s art and the time we spent together.”


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