Published: 8/3/2015 2:10 PM

​Kentucky’s public school administrators guide their districts and schools to high levels of achievement, always making children’s needs their priority.



Kentucky’s public school students participate in annual testing, and the results of those tests are included in the state’s accountability system for schools and districts. Find information about specific tests, data and resources on this page.

Bid and Proposal Opportunities

The Kentucky Department of Education administers a variety of state and federal grant programs through allocations and competitive process. In addition, KDE works with private foundations to coordinate the distribution of private grant funds to schools and districts throughout the state.

College and Career Readiness for All

Learn about Kentucky’s efforts to ensure that all students are ready for college and careers and find resources to help your district.

Exceptional Children

Kentucky’s students with disabilities are supported through many state- and federal-level programs. Find data and other information on special education programs on this page.

Federal Programs

Federal programs provide funding and resources to states, and many of these programs are designed to help at-risk children. Federal programs on this page include Title I and other Title programs, school/community nutrition and others.

Requests and Reports

Find information here on how to request data of a general nature from the Kentucky Department of Education. Information about updating school district staff information also can be found on this page.

School Improvement

School improvement will help all schools and districts prepare Kentucky students for next-generation learning, work and citizenship by engaging schools, districts, families and communities through excellent leadership, service and support. Visit this page for information on Comprehensive Improvement Planning for Schools and Districts, digital learning, innovation and more.

School Readiness Toolbox

Resource guide for working with families, early childhood providers, and community partners to increase kindergarten readines


Support Educational Excellence in Kentucky (SEEK) Funding Formula

The SEEK funding formula provides the bulk of state funding for public school districts. Information about allocations, taxes and more are available on this page.