Burgin Independent

Published: 9/22/2016 1:59 PM

Staffing and contact information for the Burgin Independent Schools.


NOTE: To send e-mail to district staff, the e-mail addresses are typically defined as firstname.lastname@district.kyschools.us. For example: The e-mail address for an employee named Daniel Boone would be daniel.boone@burgin.kyschools.us. The e-mail address for an employee named George Washington would be george.washington@burgin.kyschools.us.

Burgin Independent Schools
140 Danville Rd., P.O. Box B
Burgin, KY 40310
(859) 748-4000   Fax 748-4010
e-mail: firstname.lastname@burgin.kyschools.us
Martha Collier
David Davis
Data Point of Contact
Sarah Steele
District Personnel
Kate Sizemore
District Wide Programs
Martha Collier
English as a Second Language/Limited English Proficiency
Sarah Steele
Extended School Services
Chris LeMonds
Martha Collier
Finance and Business
Kate Sizemore
Food Service and Nutrition
Kate Sizemore
Gifted and Talented
Chris LeMonds
Judy Jaggers
Preschool Coordinator
Amy Robbins
Professional Development
Judy Jaggers
Public Information
Kate Sizemore
Pupil Personnel
Matt Grimes
Pupil Transportation
Matt Grimes
Safe School Coordinator
Matt Grimes
School Health
Carol Chumley
Special Education
Amy Robbins
Robbie Manning
Kate Sizemore
Board Members
Robert Clark
1446 Kennedy Bridge Rd., Harrodsburg 40330-9713
(859) 748-5558
Priscilla Harris
925 Handy Pk., Burgin 40310
(859) 734-9060
Donna Major
560 Herrington Woods Dr., Harrodsburg 40330
(859) 748-9927
Keith Monson
P.O. Box 453, Burgin 40310-0453
(859) 748-5611
Lynn Russell
P.O. Box 532, Burgin 40310
(859) 748-9084
Public Schools
Burgin Independent School
District No. 072 School No. 030 Grades PS-12
Est. Teachers 37   Est. Enrollment 520
Chris LeMonds, Principal
P.O. Box B, 440 E. Main St., Burgin 40310
(859) 748-5282
Fax Number (859) 748-4002
Melissa Terrell
Office of Legal, Legislative and Communication Services
Division of Communications
300 Sower Blvd., 5th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-2000
Fax (502) 564-3049