Guide to Using Electronic Mail

Published: 9/28/2016 3:57 PM
Electronic Mail (E-mail) Addresses
All public school districts in the state have e-mail installed at the district office, providing e-mail access for all district office personnel through the KETS network. 
There are two primary methods for e-mail communication:  Direct Access through the Global Address List (GAL) and/or Internet mail, which utilizes Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).  Direct Access means you can send mail to another user by selecting their name directly from a Global Address List.  SMTP mail requires the user to provide an internet address for the recipient.
Direct Access Mail
The Global Address List in Microsoft Exchange contains the names of all e-mail users on the KETS system in addition to many state agencies.  This includes teachers, district office staff, Frankfort-based KDE employees, regional service center staff, field-based KDE staff, educational cooperatives, and some state agencies.  To send mail to any of these people, select a name from the Global Address List.   If a name is not listed, an internet mail address must be used.
Internet Mail
Everyone using e-mail on the KETS network can be reached through an Internet address, which can be determined for any user on the KETS system by following the following standards:
Internet addresses are comprised of a user name followed by the @ symbol and a series of information pointing to a particular address.  An example of an Internet address is:  This indicates that the user (Jessica Abbott) is located at Nelson County in Kentucky, United States.
User names are defined by the user’s first name, a period, and their last name.  For example:
User name for Daniel Boone — daniel.boone
User name for George Washington — george.washington
To determine the SMTP address of an educator in Kentucky, follow the standards for the sites listed below.
To send mail to district office and school employees, use the following naming standard:
*Because of the length of the name, some districts are using an abbreviation for their district name.  Please refer to the district entry within the Kentucky Schools Directory to note abbreviations.
Example with abbreviated district name (Walton-Verona):
To send mail to KDE (Frankfort-based and field-based staff), use the following naming standard:
The above naming standards were developed to provide consistency with the KETS system throughout the state.  In the event a district or agency has opted not to follow these standards please contact that agency to determine the e-mail address. has a
The Kentucky Department of Education has a standing policy that it does not share e-mail lists outside the agency.
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