Lee County

Published: 10/3/2016 2:07 PM

Staffing and contact information for the Lee County Schools.

NOTE: To send e-mail to district staff, the e-mail addresses are typically defined as firstname.lastname@district.kyschools.us. For example: The e-mail address for an employee named Daniel Boone would be daniel.boone@lee.kyschools.us. The e-mail address for an employee named George Washington would be george.washington@lee.kyschools.us.

Lee County Schools
58 Center St., P.O. Box 668, Beattyville, KY  41311
(606) 464-5000  Fax 464-5009
e-mail: firstname.lastname@lee.kyschools.us
James Evans, Jr.
Karen Angel
Data Point of Contact
John Profitt
District Personnel
James Evans, Jr.
District Wide Programs
Karen Angel
Extended School Services
Steve Carroll
David Lyons
Finance and Business
Zina Gibson
Food Service and Nutrition
Teresa Thomas
Gifted and Talented
Sandy Arnold/Tami Stickler
Steve Carroll
Preschool Coordinator
Steve Carroll
Professional Development
Steve Carroll
Public Information
James Evans, Jr.
Pupil Personnel
David Lyons
Pupil Transportation
David Lyons
Safe School Coordinator
David Lyons
School Health
Kathy Brandenburg
Special Education
Carla Lyons
John Profitt
Steve Carroll
Board Members
Lamont Coldiron
414 Tincher Hill Rd., Beattyville 41311
(606) 464-3241
Curtis Davis
P.O. Box 496, Beattyville 41311
(606) 464-8194
Donald Napier
389 Hogan Rd., Beattyville 41311
(606) 253-1683
William Owens
P.O. Box 773, Beattyville 41311
(606) 464-8395
Janie Thorpe
7900 Hwy 52, Beattyville 41311
(606) 464-3178
Public Schools
Lee County Elementary School
District No. 321 School No. 100 Grades K-05
Est. Teachers 19 Est. Enrollment 430
Maureen Patrick, Principal
1665 Hwy. 11 S., Beattyville 41311
(606) 464-5020
Fax Number (606) 464-8829
Lee County Middle High School
District No. 321 School No. 060 Grades 06-12
Est. Teachers 16.7   Est. Enrollment 326
Debra Smith, Principal
599 Lee Ave., Beattyville 41311
(606) 464-5005
Fax Number (606) 464-5014