Owsley County

Published: 11/1/2016 2:32 PM
Staffing and contact information for the Owsley County Schools.
NOTE: To send e-mail to district staff, the e-mail addresses are typically defined as firstname.lastname@district.kyschools.us. For example: The e-mail address for an employee named Daniel Boone would be daniel.boone@owsley.kyschools.us. The e-mail address for an employee named George Washington would be george.washington@owsley.kyschools.us.
Owsley County Schools
14 Old Highway 11
Booneville, KY  41314
(606) 593-6363  Fax 593-6368
e-mail: firstname.lastname@owsley.kyschools.us
Dr. Timothy W. Bobrowski
Stacey Davidson
Chief Academic Officer
Gary Cornett
District Personnel
Gary Cornett
District Wide Programs
Stacey Davidson
Extended School Services
Stacey Davidson
Chad Mason
Finance and Business
Jerry McIntosh
Gifted and Talented Instruction
Tonya Fox
Preschool Coordinator
Pamela Chandler
Professional Development
Stacey Davidson
Public Information
Gary Cornett
Pupil Personnel
Gary Cornett
Pupil Transportation
Chad Mason
Safe School Coordinator
Chad Mason
School Health
Jennifer Riley, R.N.
School Nutrition Services
Charolette Thompson
Special Education
Tonya Fox
Gary Evans
Stacey Davidson
Board Members
Joyce Campbell
7207 KY 11 S., Booneville 41314
(606) 593-5862
Scotty D. Combs
P.O. Box 1254, Booneville 41314
(606) 593-5338
Fannie Couch
1608 Old KY 11, Booneville 41314
(606) 593-6680
Gary Deaton
1223 Left Fork Buffalo Rd., Ricetown 41364
(606) 593-6618
Public Schools
Owsley County Elementary School
District No. 475 School No. 020 Grades K-06
Est. Teachers 27   Est. Enrollment 400
Sylvia Havicus, Principal
372 KY 28, Booneville 41314
(606) 593-5186
Fax Number (606) 593-6758
Owsley County Head Start Preschool
District No. 475 School No. 030 Grade PS
Est. Teachers 19   Est. Enrollment 150
Pamela Chandler, Director
122 Baker Ln., Booneville 41314
(606) 593-5101
Fax Number (606) 593-5129
Owsley County High School
District No. 475 School No. 080 Grades 07-12
Est. Teachers 26   Est. Enrollment 340
Charles Davidson, Principal
177 Shepherd Ln., Booneville 41314
(606) 593-5185
Fax Number (606) 593-6312
Melissa Terrell
Office of Legal, Legislative and Communication Services
Division of Communications
300 Sower Blvd., 5th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-2000
Fax (502) 564-3049