Trigg County

Published: 10/7/2016 12:50 PM
Staffing and contact information for the Trigg County Schools.
NOTE: To send e-mail to district staff, the e-mail addresses are typically defined as For example: The e-mail address for an employee named Daniel Boone would be The e-mail address for an employee named George Washington would be
Trigg County Schools
202 Main St.
Cadiz, KY  42211
(270) 522-6075  Fax 522-7782
Travis Hamby
Assistant Superintendent
Beth Sumner
Beth Sumner
Chief Information Officer
Rory Fundora
Data Point of Contact
James Mangels
Director of Student Services and Personnel
James Mangels
District Instructional Coach
Mary Jones
District Personnel
James Mangels
District Wide Programs
Travis Hamby, Beth Sumner
English as a Second Language/Limited English Proficiency
Beth Sumner
Extended School Services
Beth Sumner
Matt Ladd
Finance and Business
Holly Greene
Food Service and Nutrition
Paula Dickerson
Gifted and Talented
Robin Ford Stagner
Beth Sumner
Preschool Coordinator
Beth Sumner
Professional Development
Beth Sumner
Public Information
Cammie Evans
Pupil Personnel
James Mangels
Pupil Transportation
Brian Collier
Safe School Coordinator
James Mangels
School Health
Mandy Byrd
Special Education
Mandy Byrd
Beth Sumner
Board Members
LaVern Baker
262 Powerline Drive, Cadiz 42211
(270) 522-1250
Mike Davis
P.O. Box 144, Gracey 42232
(270) 235-5179
Jo Alyce Harper
9222 Rockcastle Road, Cadiz 42211
(270) 522-6127
Gayle Rufli
P.O. Box 2076, Cadiz 42211
(270) 522-4916
Sharon Simmons
98 Southridge Rd., Cadiz 42211
(270) 339-0681
Public Schools
Trigg County High School
District No. 555 School No. 070 Grades 09-12
Est. Teachers 48   Est. Enrollment 605
Shannon Burcham, Principal
203 Main St., Cadiz 42211
(270) 522-2200
Fax Number (270) 522-2224
Trigg County Intermediate School
District No. 555 School No. 014 Grades 03-05
Est. Teachers 35   Est. Enrollment 435
Brian Futrell, Principal
205 Main St., Cadiz 42211
(270) 522-2220
Fax Number (270) 522-2234
Trigg County Middle School
District No. 555 School No. 050 Grades 05-08
Est. Teachers 38   Est. Enrollment 505
Amy Breckel, Principal
206 Lafayette St., Cadiz 42211
(270) 522-2210
Fax Number (270) 522-2203
Trigg County Primary School
District No. 555  School No. 013  Grades PS-02
Est. Teachers 35   Est. Enrollment 465
Cassandra Ann Taylor, Principal
205 Main St., Cadiz 42211
(270) 522-2700
Fax Number (270) 522-6165 
Melissa Terrell
Office of Legal, Legislative and Communication Services
Division of Communications
300 Sower Blvd., 5th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-2000
Fax (502) 564-3049