District Off-List Notification Information

Published: 8/2/2022 3:51 AM

The District Off-List Notification Process is used for any basal purchases that are not from an approved State Multiple List, regardless of funding source. Therefore, districts must currently complete the District Off-List Notification for any basal textbooks or programs to be used with students. Access the specific content area instruments for the review of basal instructional materials under "review instruments," below.

Off-List Notification Statute 

KRS 156.445(1) states that “No textbook or program shall be used in any public school in Kentucky as a basal* title unless it has been recommended and listed on the state multiple list by the State Textbook Commission or unless a school and district has met the notification requirements under subsection (2) of this section . . .” which indicates that “a school council, or if none exists, the principal, may notify, through the superintendent, the State Textbook Commission that it plans to adopt a basal textbook or program that is not on the recommended list, by submitting evidence that the title it has chosen meets the selection criteria of the State Textbook Commission, . . . the subject-specific criteria of the textbook reviewers . . . and complies with the required publisher specifications.”

(* Basal: one that serves as the primary means of instruction in a content area for a grade level or course)

Notification of Purchase of Textbooks and Instructional Materials Not Found on the State Multiple List

Please complete the required documentation (located in the blue box to the right), obtain the required signatures, and file at the District. The District Textbook Coordinator completes the Online Off-List Notification Form. Upon the receipt of the Online Off-List Notification Form, a confirmation will be sent to the local superintendent or designee by the KDE instructional resources consultant.

Online Off-List Notification Form-For submission; requires login using your district email credentials

Off List Cover Sheet and Accessibility Form PDF - Complete and keep on file in the district

Instructional Resources Alignment Rubrics
Adoption Group I 

Reading and Writing
Reading and Writing (K-2) - Word

Reading and Writing (3-12) - Word

Adoption Group II 

Social Studies

Social Studies - Word

Adoption Group III


Science - Word

Adoption Group IV


Mathematics - Word

Adoption Group V
Practical Living, Career Studies, Career and Technical Education 

Practical Living, Career Studies, Career and Technical Education - Word

Adoption Group VI

Visual and Performing Arts (Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts)

Arts - Word

World Language - Word

Off-List Notification Required Documentation
  • Completed Cover sheet

  • Completed Accessibility form

  • The state approved evaluation instrument for the appropriate content area, completed, signed and dated.

  • A written rationale that states the need for this item and how it better meets the needs of students than items on the state multiple list.

  • A letter from the vendor stating the cost of the item and the gratis items, if any, with purchase.

  • For a print basal resource, a completed Form B provided by the vendor. For an electronic or digital basal resource, a completed Form M provided by the vendor.

​​​Please contact KDETextbooks@education.ky.gov with any questions.

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