Laws and Regulations - Library Media

Published: 8/2/2017 10:12 AM
​The following statutes (state laws) and state regulations guide library media programs in Kentucky (summarized below). Click hyperlinks to access the full statute or regulation.

KRS 158.102 requires the employment of a certified school media librarian to be assigned to each school to organize, equip, and manage the operations of the school library. With school council consent, the librarian may be assigned to two or more schools.

KRS 158.791 requires each elementary school to provide high quality library media programs. "High quality" is defined in Beyond Proficiency @ your library, KDE’s guidelines for effective school library media programs.

KRS 161.044 requires that a non-instructional teacher’s aide assisting the school librarian work under the direct supervision of the teaching staff in performing non-instructional duties.

KRS 161.010 requires a teacher’s aide assisting the school librarian work under the direction of the certified staff and can include the following: assisting with classroom instruction as directed by the teacher, aiding the school librarian, and preparing and organizing instructional materials and equipment. 

KRS 160.345 requires the school council consult the certified school media librarian regarding the maintenance of the library.

16 KAR 2:130 provides state requirements in a situation where a certified school librarian is not available to fill a position. These state regulations include the pursuance of a library certificate by the certified teacher employed in the position.
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