Library Media Program Research

Published: 8/14/2017 3:38 PM

The school library media center is regarded as the hub of the school community and integral to teaching and learning. By providing teachers and students with a full range of print and electronic resources to support learning, the school library media center impacts student achievement.

​A substantial body of research since 1990 clearly demonstrates the importance of school libraries to students' education. Whether student achievement is measured by standardized reading achievement tests or by global assessments of learning, research shows that a well-stocked library staffed by a certified library media specialist has a positive impact on student achievement, regardless of the socio-economic or educational level of the community.


School Libraries Work! (2016 edition)


Kentucky Research Study
2008 Research Study by Dr. Cynthia R. Houston, Western Kentucky University

School Library Research Summarized: A Graduate Class Project (Mansfield University)

An infographic from the American Association of School Librarians highlights the positive impact of strong school libraries on student achievement.


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