Quantile Framework for Mathematics

Published: 6/24/2015 10:23 AM
Kentucky has adopted The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics which is designed to provide instructional information to teachers, students and parents and enable accurate tailoring of instructional materials and intervention systems to benefit students.
The Quantile Framework was developed by MetaMetrics®, an educational measurement and research organization based in Durham, North Carolina.  Quantile measures are linked with the results of the Kentucky mathematics assessments and are available for teachers, students and parents. The Quantile Framework is a measurement system that assesses a student’s mathematical achievement level and the difficulty of specific skills and concepts.  With the Quantile Framework, educators, parents and students can explore the interconnectedness of mathematical skills and concepts and identify those elements that are critical for progressing learning.
The Math Skills Database contains targeted, free resources appropriately matched to students by Quantile measure and math content. Educators are better able to inform their instruction on how to best teach a skill or concept by pinpointing which skills build upon each other. The Quantile Teacher Assistant allows educators to differentiate math instruction by matching skills and their measures to the relevant standard being taught.  Quantile measures provide educators with the information they need to identify gaps in mathematical knowledge, as well as serve as a guide for progressing to more advanced topics. 
Math @ Home provides access to a variety of mathematical resources, games, websites, videos and downloads, that are targeted to your child’s mathematical ability level. Find Your Textbook database helps educators, parents, and students find targeted resources to supplement the textbook material.
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