Global Competency

Global Competence Professional Learning Modules

Published: 11/13/2018 6:50 PM
Global Competence Resource Guides

The Global Competence Resource Guide accompanies the professional learning modules.

Global Competence Professional Learning Modules

Each of the nine modules comes in a video format and a PowerPoint with audio format.

Module 1: Introduction

Introduction Video

Introduction PowerPoint with Audio

Module 2: World Languages Approach

World Languages Approach Video

World Languages Approach PowerPoint with Audio

Module 3: Self Awareness

Self Awareness Video

Self Awareness PowerPoint with Audio

Module 4: Dispositions

Dispositions Video

Dispositions PowerPoint with Audio

Module 5: Global and Historical Awareness

Global and Historical Awareness Video

Global and Historical Awareness PowerPoint with Audio

Module 6: Cross Cultural Collaboration

Cross Cultural Collaboration Video

Cross Cultural Collaboration PowerPoint with Audio

Module 7: Being a Change Agent

Being a Change Agent Video

Being a Change Agent PowerPoint with Audio

Module 8: Globally Competent Lesson Plans

Globally Competent Lesson Plans Video

Globally Competent Lesson Plans with Audio

Module 9: Putting It All Together

Putting It All Together Video

Putting It All Together PowerPoint with Audio

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