Early Childhood Resources

Published: 6/17/2019 10:25 AM

The Early Childhood Resources include materials and website links for many of important issues to parents and teachers of children ages birth to five. Some of the topics of interest to early childhood parents and educators include growth and development of infants, toddlers and preschoolers; understanding and working with children with disabilities; social/emotional growth; parenting skills; early literacy, school readiness; child care; transitions; curriculum; various early childhood programs; multiculturalism and diversity; the art; brain development; materials and supplies.​​​​​​

Building a Strong Foundation for School Success includes the following: Kentucky Early Childhood Standards which describes what children should know and be able to do; the Kentucky Early Childhood Continuous Assessment Guide which outlines how to appropriately measure a child's progress on the Early Childhood Standards; the Kentucky Early Childhood Quality Self-Study a tool to provide direction for program improvement; and Field Guides which are a practical supplement to the Early Childhood Standards.

The Prichard Committee

The Prichard Committee’s Groundswell Initiative, a partnership effort designed to build and sustain engagement support and resources for Kentucky Families.

KET’s Community Collaboratives for Early Learning and Media

First Steps

First Steps is a statewide early intervention system that provides services to children with developmental disabilities from birth to age 3 and their families.


HANDS is a voluntary intensive home visitation program for first-time parents that provides services from the prenatal period to the child's third birthday.

 Training Into Practice Project  

Training Into Practice Project can provide information about early care and education workshops, online courses, and Institutes coordinated by the Training Into Practice Project (TIPP) and/or the Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainer’s Credential.

Children's Defense Fund

The Children's Foundation (CF), a private national educational non-profit organization strives to improve the lives of children and those who care for them. Our mission is to provide a voice for caregivers, children and their families on issues of critical concern. 

 National Institute for Early Education Research

The National Institute of Early Education Research gathers information and conducts research on the state-funded early childhood programs in the United States.

ECERS-R Notes for Clarification (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale)

Additional Notes for Clarification for the ECERS-3

I Am Your Child

The I Am Your Child Foundation is a national, non-profit, non-partisan organization that was founded in 1997 by actor/director Rob Reiner to raise awareness about the importance of early childhood development and school readiness.

 National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (NECTAC)

The National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center supports the implementation of the early childhood provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

National Association for the Education of Young Children

NAEYC exists for the purpose of leading and consolidating the efforts of individuals and groups working to achieve healthy development and constructive education for all young children.

Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative ECAP/ITG's staff consists of experienced writers and editors, Web designers and computer support personnel, and librarians with years of experience in responding to content-specific questions, preparing publications, providing training and presentations, and building Web sites on early education, child development, and parenting.

Division of Early Childhood (DEC)

DEC is a division of the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC). The Division for Early Childhood promotes policies and advances evidence-based practices that support families and enhance the optimal development of young children who have or are at risk for developmental delays and disabilities.

Please email the School Readiness branch if you have any questions.

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