Head Start Full Utilization

Published: 6/17/2019 12:56 PM

Each year school districts and Head Start programs enter into full utilization agreements to coordinate services to eligible children through state (Kentucky Preschool) and federal (Head Start) funds. The purpose of Head Start full utilization is to avoid duplication of preschool services and supplanting of federal funds and to maximize the use of Head Start funds to serve as many four-year-old children as possible.

Kentucky Full Utilization Requirement

Kentucky Full Utilization Requirement Certification that Head Start Program is “fully utilized”

KRS 157.3175 subsection 4 and subsection 6(q)

Federal Head Start Requirements to Coordinate and Collaborate

Memorandum of Understanding required to support coordination of publicly funded preschool

45 CFR, Part 1302.53

45 CFR, Part 1302.63

Head Start Resources

Please email the School Readiness branch if you have any questions.

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