Primary Program Infinite Campus FAQ

Published: 6/8/2015 3:42 PM
Read how to correctly keep primary student data in Infinite Campus in relation to state assessment.
Primary Program, Infinite Campus and Assessment
1. Does a school have to wait until the end of the primary program (3rd grade) to retain a student?

Answer – No. A student may be retained based on the school’s assessment of the student’s needs. The school makes the final decision.

2. How is this retention reported in Infinite Campus (IC)?

Answer – To retain a student at the end of the school year, a school must complete the following steps.
  • Select “retain” in the IC enrollment record
  • Students who are not marked as “retain” will roll forward to the next academic. If “retain” is checked then that student will not roll forward in the next academic school year. They will remain in the same grade. (P1/K, P2/1st, P3/2nd, P4/3rd)
  • In the following year’s enrollment, check the “Extra Year in Primary” checkbox.
  • The check for “Extra year in Primary”” stays with that student indicating that they have already taken advantage of the one extra year in primary.
3. If the school has made a mistake in the past can they fix it?

Answer – Yes.
  • A district level individual can go into IC and select “retain” in the year that the retention took place.
  • In the current academic year enrollment change the grade level to reflect accurate grade level. (P1/K, P2/1st, P3/2nd, P4/3rd).
  •  Check “Extra Year in Primary”.
4. How does this effect state assessment of a primary student?
Answer- Recent regulatory changes that are moving forward will impact the testing of students in the primary program.  These changes will impact spring 2012 testing.
In the past, schools only tested “end of primary” students that would be exiting grade 3.  If the decision about remaining in primary had not be made and communicated with parents, the direction was to test the student. If the decision to remain in primary was made, the student did not test.
New regulation 703 KAR 5:240 requires that all students in grades 3-12 be placed and enrolled in a single grade for assessment purposes.  Students are expected to take the tests associated with the grade of the student’s placement at the time of testing.  So, a grade 3 student in spring 2012 will take the grade 3 test.  If the student remains in primary and repeats grade 3 again next school year, the student will take the grade 3 test again in spring 2013. 


The results (Novice, Apprentice, Proficient and Distinguished) from grade 3 testing in K-PREP reading and mathematics will be reported in Achievement and Gap for Next-Generation Learners. Grade 3 results provide the starting year for the calculation for Growth that is first reported in grade 4. 
The Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) collects and reports retentions as part of the Nonacademic Report.  Retentions are only reported beginning at grade 4.
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