The National Writing Project

Published: 11/14/2018 8:35 AM

​Basic Assumptions of the National Writing ProjectModel:​

  • Writing is fundamental to learning in all subject areas and at all grade levels. Summer Institutes therefore involve teachers from all disciplines and levels of instruction, primary through university.

  • As the process of writing can best be understood by engaging in this process, teachers of writing should write.

  • Teachers are the best teachers of teachers; successful practicing teachers have greater credibility with their colleagues than outside experts.

  • Real change in classroom practice happens over time. Working as partners, universities and schools can articulate and promote effective school reform

  • Effective professional development programs are on-going and systematic, bringing teachers together regularly throughout their careers to examine successful practices and new developments (NWP, 1998).

Kentucky Writing Project Sites (WPAC) 2015-2016

Kentucky Writing Project State Network (housed at the University of Louisville)

Louisville Writing Project (housed at the University of Louisville)

Eastern Kentucky University Writing Project (housed at Eastern Kentucky University)

Mountain Writing Project (housed at Hazard Community & Technical College and co-sponsored by Eastern Kentucky University)

Morehead Writing Project (housed at Morehead State University)

Western Kentucky University Writing Project  (housed at Western Kentucky University)

Northern Kentucky Writing Project (housed at Northern Kentucky University): Dr. Sara Runge, Director.  No active website.

Purchase Area Writing Project (housed at Murray State University)

Bluegrass Writing Project (housed at the University of Kentucky)

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