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Published: 5/2/2016 12:02 AM

New Information for 2016-17: Next Generation Leadership Networks- see info at right!

Kentucky’s system of Leadership Network​​s is designed to build the capacity of district leadership teams throughout the Commonwealth to fully implement the requirements of Senate Bill 1 (2009). The network design was formed around the following assertions:​​​

  • ​Senate Bill 1 (2009) requires professional development to move all toward “Assessment Literacy” and an understanding of ‘balanced assessment.’ Having expertise in classroom assessment practices should no longer be an exception –it must become the expectation.

  • All teachers must have strong grounding in the content area(s) they are expected to teach. Fewer, higher, clearer standards will demand expertise with pedagogical content knowledge, as well as ‘deconstruction’ in order for teachers to plan instruction/learning experiences that are truly congruent to these standards.

  • Designing high quality, ‘defensible’ (no harm to students; best interest of student learning) assessments must be an expectation—at every level (classroom, school, district, state). This requires time and a learning team approach—and the sharing of products/resources across district lines.
Each network will provide participants the opportunity to meet regularly throughout the year to develop their own content and pedagogical competencies, as well as the leadership skills necessary to work with and provide feedback to other adults in their own schools and districts. The network concept reflects foundational research on professional learning that says the best professional development is that which is practically based in what educators must do on a daily basis and sustained over time to encourage a ‘learn, do, reflect, revise’ cycle. Educators will develop relationships with other participants in the network and with skilled facilitators so that they can safely share problems of practice and seek solutions — not just during the time of the network meetings, but on an as-needed and ongoing basis.
The networks are a ‘capacity building’ model of professional learning, as opposed to a more traditional ‘train the trainer’ model. A Capacity building model means that each member of the district leadership team will be provided access to the most current job-specific information and the opportunity to try out the most effective strategies, resources and tools available. Specifically, participants will examine, deepen their own understanding, and utilize Kentucky’s Core Academic Standards, the Characteristics of Highly Effective Teaching and Learning, and Classroom Assessment for Student Learning (Stiggins, Chappius, et al) as they seek to improve teaching and learning in every Kentucky classroom every day. Kentucky Leadership Network deliverables may be found here

Early Learning Leadership Networks (ELLNs) are being launched. There will be two network ‘strands,’ one for teacher-leaders and another for administrative-leaders, to develop capacity to implement Kentucky’s Early Childhood Standards and support school readiness. The ELLNs will focus on the dissemination and implementation of Kentucky’s definition for school readiness, the alignment of KYECS and KAS for improved teaching and learning, as well as leadership and commitment to the implementation of a common kindergarten entry assessment.
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