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Teaching Tools

KSI/RTI Resources for Secondary English/Language Arts

Published: 4/29/2020 9:55 AM

​Book Resources

  • 200+ Proven Strategies for Teaching Reading, Grades K-8; Support the Needs of Struggling Readers by Kathy Perez. This reference guide provides K-8 teachers with practical strategies to motivate all students to develop their reading abilities across grade levels and content areas. With instructional practices that can be adapted for a wide range of academic interventions, this book shows educators where to start in building an action plan for student literacy achievement.
  • Assessing Writers Assessing Writers by Carl Anderson - It “offers smart, ready-to-use ideas for assessment” including “what you need to know about students to assess them as writers, how to uncover and make sense of this information, how to make an individualized plan for each student, how to use the plans when you confer and how to structure units of study to meet classroom-wide needs.”
  • Pre-Referral Intervention Manual (3rd edition): The Most Common Learning and Behavior Problems Encountered in the Educational Environment by Stephen B. McCarney. Hawthorne Educational Services, Inc. - This book provides a wealth of intervention ideas based on the learning/behavior concerns for improvement. The table of contents organizes the student learning/behavior and provides twenty-six strategies to try with the student to assist with that specific learning/behavior. Pre-
  • Visible Learning for Literacy: Implementing the Practices that Work Best to Accelerate Student Learning by Fisher, Douglas, Frey, Nancy and Hattie, John. Based on Hattie's 15 years of research, these high yield practices for literacy are discussed, their purpose made clear.
  • Vocab Rehab: How Do I Teach Vocabulary Effectively With Limited Time? by Marliee Sprenger. This book features easy-to-implement, ten minute instructional strategies that can help teachers ensure their students have a sound grasp of both general and content-specific words across grade levels and subject areas.

Web Based Resources
  • Building RtI Capacity  - This website features RtI-related information and resources, including short podcasts and videos: professional development modules and presentations; and tools for conducting needs assessments, planning activities and professional development for students K-12 in reading, math and behavior.
  • Council for Exceptional Children - This website is the voice and vision of special education.  Type “progress monitoring” in the search box and various articles about academic and behavior progress monitoring in can be found.
  • Intervention CentralThis website provides practical, easy to use resources for academic and behavioral interventions, including progress monitoring tools and intervention planners.
  • The Orton-Gillingham Approach - An intensive, sequential phonics-based system teaches the basics of word formation before people learn--visual, auditory and kinesthetic. The Orton-Gillingham method teaches to a student's strengths while seeking to improve his or her weaknesses.
  • RTI Action Network - An orientation to RtI in secondary settings.

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