SBDM Statutes and Regulations

Published: 8/22/2017 9:15 AM

​Here you will find statutes and regulations relative to SBDM

KRS 160.345
School-Based Decision Making

KRS 160.347
Removal of Council Members

KRS 160.348
SBDM Policy - Advanced Placement Options/ KVHS

KRS 157.360
Maximum Class Size

KRS 158.060
Non-Teaching Time for Teachers

KRS 158.102
Employment of School Media Librarian

KRS 158.150
School Discipline

KRS 158.181
Legislative Findings on Religious Liberty for Students

KRS 158.649
Achievement Gaps

KRS 158.6451
Writing Policy

702 KAR 3:246
School Council Allocation Formula

703 KAR 5:010
Writing Portfolio Procedures

KRS 158.031
Ungraded Primary Program

704 KAR 3:440
Primary School Program Guidelines

703 KAR 4:040
Verifying Successful Completion of Primary

KRS 157.360
P1 Kindergarten Classroom Assistants

703 KAR 5:225
Comprehensive School and District Improvement Planning Process