School Based Decision Making - Staffing Allocations

Published: 9/21/2017 2:11 PM

Administrative regulation 702 KAR 3:246 requires all local school districts to provide to school councils a tentative allocation of funds for the next budget year by March 1 of each year with a final allocation draft by May 1.​

​The staffing allocation includes the number of positions the school will be allocated. These regulatory allocations include all certified and classified positions that are determined by the base funding formula provided in KRS 157.360, which includes maximum class caps. Additionally, the allocation contains instructional and professional development funds for the school.

Maximum class sizes are: 
24:1 for primary,
28:1 for grade 4,
29:1 for grades 5 and 6, and
31:1 for grades 7 through 12 (Additionally, in grades 7 through 12, there can be no more than 150 pupil hours per teacher).

Each school must have an instructional leader and
at least some part of a media specialist (KRS 158.102). All other certified staff are supplemental and not a requirement under statute or regulation.

The staffing allocation for classified staff must include P1 (kindergarten) classroom assistants at a 24:1 ratio. All other classified staff are supplemental and not a requirement of statute or regulation.

An important reminder to consider is when allocating school staff, remember that a district can give additional certified or classified positions at a later time through distribution of the balance (Section 7 allocation) based on student needs.

In an effort to assist schools, districts and local school district staff with the efficient fiscal management of resources, the Division of Consolidated Plans & Audits has created a simple staffing allocation worksheet for use as a staffing tool.

This worksheet is a tool to help simplify your staffing allocation process.

Any revisions to local staffing policy or formulas for the upcoming school year shall be submitted to the Division of Consolidated Plans & Audits for review.


The Staffing Allocation Worksheet is for district use. The first tab at the bottom of the worksheet includes directions for use. The remaining tabs are staffing allocation worksheets for elementary, middle, and high school.  The numbers in the COUNT column can be altered.

The Staffing Allocation Workbook above contains worksheets that helps explain how supplemental staff can assist with these numbers.

Staffing Allocation PowerPoint provides information for school boards, district personnel, & school councils about staffing allocations.

More detailed instructions for districts about 702 KAR 3:246 and SBDM Second Month Worksheets can be found on the Pupil Attendance Program Documents page and clicking on the Pupil Attendance Manual.
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