Student Health Services

School Nurse Training Modules ​​

Published: 9/18/2018 11:15 AM
KDE offers a series of 16 videos (modules) to assist school nurses with understanding their roles and responsibilities. The videos are aligned with the content in the KDE Health Services Reference Guide (HSRG). KDE recommends viewing the videos in the order listed below. 

Training Module 1067861

PowerPoint 1

What is School Nursing?  (Video)

Training Module 1067862

PowerPoint 2

Getting Started: Understanding School Health Services Requirements (Video)

Training Module 1067863

PowerPoint 3  

Coordinated School Health and School Nursing Services (Video)

Training Module 1067867 

PowerPoint 4                              
School Health Screening Programs (Video)

Training Module 1067873
PowerPoint 5                              

Emergency Preparedness (Video)

Training Module 1067875

PowerPoint 6            

School Immunizations (Video)

Training Module 1067876

PowerPoint 7      

Protecting Student Health Information (Video)

Training Module 1067877

PowerPoint 8        

Documentation of Student Health Services (Video)

Training Module 106787

PowerPoint 9      

Health Plans: What School Nurses Need to Know (Video)

Training Module 1067880

Delegation to Unlicensed School Personnel (Video)

PowerPoint 10                          

Training Module 1067882

Student Health Services for Field Trips (Video)

PowerPoint 11                           

Training Module 1067883

PowerPoint 12

Training Module1067884

PowerPoint 13    

Training Module 1067885

PowerPoint 14 

Training Module1067886

PowerPoint 15    

Training Module 1067887

PowerPoint 16            

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