Superintendent's Annual Attendance Report (SAAR)

Published: 1/10/2018 2:59 PM

The Superintendent’s Annual Attendance (SAAR) Report provides a summary of each district's aggregate attendance data for the entire school year. Due to the nature of SAAR, the tool has been designed to allow very granular control of the data reported to assist in research and verification.

SAAR is the core report used to determine funding based on attendance. School superintendents in Kentucky must submit an annual report of student attendance to the Commissioner of Education by June 30 each year. The SAAR report is submitted through a KDE web page application.
Current year SAAR data will not be available until after August 1 each year.

​ SAAR Submisson Guide 2017-18​


SAAR KSIS Mid Year Training 2017-18

Online Submission for 2018: SAAR Upload File (Not available until May 2018)

SAAR 5 Year Trend Report

SAAR End of Year Training Power Point

SAAR Definitions



SAAR Enrollment Report

The SAAR Enrollment Report is the total count of all students enrolled for the first time in a Kentucky school in the current school year.


SAAR Ethnic Membership Report

The SAAR Ethnic (Membership) Report provides the head count and ethnicity of students enrolled on the last day of school each school year.


SAAR Summary Report

The SAAR Summary Report provides a summary of each district's attendance data for the entire school year.  Included are average daily attendance (ADA), average daily membership (ADM), enrollment and percentage of attendance.


Historical SAAR data
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