iTunes U - A Kentucky Next Generation Learning Project

Published: 4/24/2013 1:58 PM

A collaborative project between the Kentucky Department of Education, the University of Kentucky's College of Education - P20 Innovation Labs, Kentucky Educational Television (KET) along with Apple, Inc., school districts, government agencies and their affiliates that provide access to quality digital content resources.

Featuring free content related to education in the commonwealth - the Kentucky iTunes U portal is intended to offer it's users an additional method of accessing quality educational content by participating contributors (including school districts).
Click on the link below to access the iTunes U Kentucky Portal:
(The content contributor Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) can be found in Kentucky iTunes U)
So What is iTunes U?
iTunes U is dedicated by Apple Inc. for educational purposes and the content found in iTunes U is mobile.  Mobility is ever so important for todays personal digital learning experience.
There is no account needed to get to the content in KY iTunes U.  The content is free.  Free to store, free to distribute, and free to consume.
iTunes U provides a distribution pathway for offline content. (while streaming services such as YouTube are great!  Some have access problems to the content when offline).  Through iTunes U, teachers, parents, and learners can download content to devices, while they have access to the Web, and store it for later when they do not.
This service is part of the concept of Anytime, Anywhere, Always on, Any device, Any Content...
Content Contributors 
If your school district or organization would like to participate and add content to Kentucky iTunes U please see the below 2 documents.  We strive for the highest quality content adhering to our content rubric before being published.

Content Contributor Informational Pa.pdfContent Contributor Informational Packet

KY iTunesU Content MOU.pdf KY iTunesU Content MOU (must be submitted)

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