Technology Planning

Published: 12/4/2013 11:35 AM
In order to be eligible to apply for E-Rate discounted services, each district must have an approved technology plan.


The plan must address the four core criteria as defined by the FCC.  For more information see Technology Planning.
The District Technology Plan Template was created for each district to use to submit the District Plan.  The District Technology Plan must be written prior to filing the E-Rate Form 470 and is due to the Office of Education Technology in mid-April of each year.  Approval letters are sent from the department to each district upon approval of the plan.  To access the District Technology Plan Template, click here.


For help with ASSIST Tech Planning- view the training video- Technology Planning in ASSIST.wmvTechnology Planning in ASSIST.wmv.
The spreadsheets below provide the Technology Plan Approval Date.
Funding Year 2010

2010Tech Plan Approval Dates.pdf2010Tech Plan Approval Dates.pdf

Funding Year 2009


Funding Year 2007




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