2013-2018 KETS Master Plan

Unmet Need Budget

Published: 5/31/2018 8:42 AM

Unmet need, for purposes of the Master Plan, is defined as the funding needed to meet education technology environment provisions ranging from critical short term sustainability to strategic long term enhancement.​

The Master Plan outlines the Commonwealth's five year activities related to purchasing, developing, and using technology to improve:
  • teaching and the ability to meet individual students' learning needs to increase student achievement
  • curriculum delivery to help meet the needs for educational equity across the state
  • delivery of professional development
  • administrator efficiency and productivity
  • development by the private sector and acquisition by districts of technologies and applications appropriate for education

The following is a summary of changes to the current Unmet Need Budget from previous versions.

  • Unit costs have been updated for the majority of line items, with the biggest changes seen in a drop in costs for computers, servers and printers.
  • The Non-Discretionary ratio for Student Instructional Devices has been changed from 6:1 to 3:1 to more closely mirror the ratio that has been in place the past few years according to the Technology Readiness Report.
  • Staff Professional Development line item has been moved to Discretionary.
  • Wireless Access Devices line item has been moved to Non-Discretionary.
  • Multiple wiring line items (i.e., Student Data, Teacher Data, Teacher Voice) have been combined into a single Network Wiring line item.
  • Line items have been updated to account for changes in MUNIS moving to the cloud and Infinite Campus changes to funding.
  • Line items have been removed for items no longer applicable (i.e. AD/Exchange Servers purchased by districts, MUNIS servers purchased by districts).

Click here for a copy of the new KETS Unmet Need Budget.

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