2013-2018 KETS Master Plan

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Published: 5/31/2018 1:18 PM


Within recent years, several studies and initiatives at national and local levels have been conducted that are integral to education technology within the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Several studies yield recommendations that directly impact the strategic direction of KETS. This section contains a brief summary of each related connection with a link to the full publication. These connections collectively drive our efforts on a daily basis.

Auditor of Public Accounts – While KDE may participate in various audits throughout the year, the largest in scale, and perhaps most beneficial, is the annual statewide audit by the Kentucky Auditor of Public Accounts. The most recent report issued six findings that were related to education technology systems. The Office of KIDS spends considerable time and effort to provide complete and accurate responses to audits, ensuring all required technology controls and procedures are in effect in daily operations.
Statewide System of Support (SSoS)– This section briefly summarizes perceptions of the KDE Self-Assessment Team and additional KDE staff about strengths and areas of need in Kentucky’s SSoS, as well as major themes that emerged during the two-month self-assessment process. Table 1, which is taken from the initial report, summarizes strengths and areas of need in Kentucky’s current statewide system of support, based on two meetings with the KDE self-assessment team, documents provided by the team, interviews with four local educators and a February meeting with a larger number of KDE staff.

KDE Processes – These items represent major KDE processes and activities as of 2010.
KSLDS Recommendations & Transition Report - The Kentucky Statewide Longitudinal Data System (KSLDS) project was originally envisioned and tasked with the primary goal of providing the means for educators to use longitudinal information to improve instruction, as well as increase accountability and reduce the burden of data reporting. KSLDS succumbed to budget cuts in the unusually dire economic situation in 2010. A more economical data portal, Open House, was begun soon after, and continues to build on the successes of the KSLDS implementation.
USDOE Office of Education Technology – The U.S. Department of Education has many resources and studies that schools, districts and KDE might find helpful.
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