Software Licensing- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Published: 3/11/2014 1:40 PM

Information found below is based upon either the web pages of the software company/licensing agent or upon information that has been shared by their representatives.

Academic software is available to Kentucky public school district students, teachers and staff as well as Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) for personal purchases at discounted prices.
Q:  What products and prices are available?
A:  See the offerings available for Microsoft software and additional software offerings below.

Microsoft Software:
Ky. public school districts who have an active Microsoft EES or Select Plus Agreement are eligible to participate Microsoft's  Software Assurance Home Use Program (HUP). This program enables employees of the qualifying district to get a licensed copy of most Microsoft Office desktop PC applications to install and use on a home computer at a discounted price. Please contact your district's software administrator for the program code needed to validate your purchase. To access the Home Use Program website go to The Home Use Program currently offers Microsoft Office or Office for Mac.


Additional Software Offerings: 
Additional software offerings are available at a discounted price to Kentucky public school districts and KETS
customers by Kivuto. To access the Kivuto software offerings go to
Q:  Are employees and students permitted to purchase more than one copy of a software program or install a copy on more than one computer?
A:  See the information provided by Microsoft and Kivuto regarding license and installation limitations below.

Microsoft Software:
For software purchased through the Microsoft Home Use Program, the software may be installed on two (2) computers, either 2 PCs or 2 Macs, specific to the software that was purchased.

Additional Software Offerings:
Employees and students are permitted only one individual license per product.  A family can purchase multiple copies only if they have more than one student in KY K-12 schools or a combination of eligible employee/students in the household.
Q:  How do I show I qualify to purchase?
A:  See the information on the validation process to complete orders with both Microsoft and Kivuto below.

Microsoft Software:
Use your school or KDE issued email address to complete your purchase. The terms of the Microsoft Home Use Program require that you have and use an email address to validate your purchase.

Additional Software Offerings by Kivuto:

If you have a school or KDE-issued email address, use your full email address to register and qualify.  If you do not have a qualifying email address, you must send an image or fax of a document that shows you are enrolled or employed by a qualifying school or agency. Follow the instructions outlined in the purchase process.
Q:  Is the software downloaded or is the media (CD/DVD) included?
A:  Most software available for purchase offers a Download (no CD/DVD provided) option or a Mail Order (The media is included).  Both the Download and Mail Order options allow only 1 installation. There may be an additional cost associate with the mail order option to cover the media and shipping.
Q:  How do I handle situations where a new computer is purchased or current computers crashes and I need to re-install the software?
A:  See the information regarding re-installing software below.

Microsoft Software:

You can reinstall the Microsoft software by accessing your account. If you purchased a back-up DVD you can also use the DVD to re-install the software. Please note that you may only re-download products if the districts Agreement is still valid and you are an active employee of the district.

Additional Software Offerings:
If there is a need to reformat hard drive or a new computer is purchased, the Kivuto tech support team ( or 1-888-396-1447, “support”, can provide another activation key. The end user should know, however, that the license does only allow for one install per license, so if a new machine is bought they would have to uninstall license(s) from the old machine.
Q:  On the Kivuto purchase site, under the Academic Affiliation purchase it asks for a Student ID, is that the state assigned student number?
A:  No, state assigned or school-assigned numbers aren't used, that field is just part of the basic Kivuto template.  Full name should be typed in that field instead of a number. 
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