Vendor Supplied Systems supported by KDE personnel

Published: 6/12/2015 4:20 PM

​Content Management Server (CMS)/ Full Time support of users on this Microsoft System

  • Customer:  KDE
  • Description:  KDE Website authoring and display system.


  • Customer:  KDE
  • Description:  Incident Management application used by KETS Service Desk to manage incidents.



  • Customer: All School Districts
  • Descriptions:  State wide financial accounting program for schools and districts.


KSIS (Kentucky Student Information System)

  • Customer: All School Districts
  • Descriptions:  State wide student information program for schools and districts.



  • Customer:  KIDS
  • Description: A tool that allows KIDS the ability to track resource work and help level the work of the resource pool within KIDS and forecast future workloads.



  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description:  Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) is used to protect from internet-based threats while providing users with secure and fast access.



  • Customer:  KDE
  • Description:  Tracks comprehensive hardware information, installed software packages, and operating systems for all IT assets throughout their lifecycle.


KDE- DPR Tracking Tool

  • Customer:  KDE
  • Description:  A SharePoint based workflow tool that facilitates the automated approval process of requisition forms within KDE.


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