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OET Service Catalog

Web Applications

Published: 8/2/2022 3:55 AM

​​Web Applications


CATS Allegations

  • Customer: All School Districts
  • Description: The CATS Allegations web application is intended for District Assessment Coordinators to report allegations of inappropriate testing practices occurring in their district.  A violation of 703 KAR 5070, Inclusion of Special Populations in the State Required Assessment and Accountability Program results in a testing allegation.


CATS Reports (KPRs/NCLBs)

  • Customer: All School Districts
  • Descriptions:  Each year, Kentucky Department of Education releases the Kentucky Performance Reports and No Child Left Behind reports after the CATS testing is completed.  These reports are hosted through a website in a 2 phase release.  First phase only KDE staff, districts, and schools have access to the reports via secure login.  In phase 2 the reports are released to the public.



  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description:  Each year, Career and Technical Education generates Kentucky Occupational Skill Standards (KOSSA), Perkins Performance Measures Accountability Reports (PPMAR), School, District and State CTE Profiles reports used to meet Perkins Act accountability requirements.  These reports are hosted via website to ensure that all interested persons and stakeholders receive this information.


 Even Start

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description:  Kentucky Even Start Programs provide intensive family literacy services that integrate learning activities for parents and children, helping parents to become active partners in their children's education, and help children to achieve a high level of success in school and life.   Even Start offers educational opportunities to families most in need, as defined by levels of literacy, income, poverty, English as a second language, and other related factors.


KAMD/KAMC- Kentucky Accessible Materials Consortium (Previously called Universal Learning Center, ULC)

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description: The Kentucky Accessible materials Database (KAMD) provides local schools a way to find out what digital materials are available, and allows local schools to order the digital materials from the KAMC for use by qualified students with disabilities and track disk assignment.


KEN and One Call Service Points of Contacts

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description: The KEN Service Contacts web applications allows KIDS staff; Districts and Vendors (AT&T; Nortel; Bell South etc) to view KEN site location and active Service Point of Contacts of each district. The site allows the vendors to contact the service points incase of service breakdowns; support etc.


KEPS;-Employments;-Certified Vacancies Admin;-Certified Vacancies search;-Minority Recruitments Statistics

  • Customer: All School Districts
  • Description: This web application was developed to support the efforts of school districts to recruit teachers, principals and administrators. KEPS offers a placement service matching certified vacancies with applicants seeking employment. The job search agent feature in the application notifies the applicants with job matching via automated e-mail feature.


Kentucky School Calendar

  • Customer: All School Districts
  • Description:  Local boards of education are required to adopt a school calendar prior to May 15th of each year for the upcoming school year. The calendar shows school days, holidays, and professional development days designated for parent teacher conferences. Each district extracts the data from their district IC system; uploads the file to ODSS. ODSS Admin will sign in to the web application, initiate the load process which will retrieve the file from the server, validate the data using the SQL Loader package and imports the data into Oracle tables. The processed files are archived with date/time stamp. The application creates the Calendar report using the ActivePDF software.


Mailing Label

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Descriptions:  Choose mailing labels, contact lists and mail merge data files for school, district or personnel addresses.

MCN (Missing Children Notification)

  • Customer: All School Districts
  • Description:  MCN application is used for tracking of the missing children in the district. The application goes to state police department server and transfers the missing children data file into MCN database, sends an e-mail notification to school principals about the missing children in their district. If the child is found, the application notifies the school principal and also the police department and the record is deleted from the database.



  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description: Medicaid participating district in Kentucky extracts the student data in excel file format from district IC system; upload the excel file using web portal to KDE. The files are saved on the file server and standardized by the KDE staff and launch a VB application to load the files data into SQL Server tables using DTS packages. The user compares the Dept of Medicaid Services data against the district submitted Medicaid data and generates reports using Crystal Reports.


Minority Employment Reporting/ KEPS

  • Customer: All School Districts
  • Description: The MERR web application collects the hiring practices of each district when a certified position is posted and filled by them. The application provides the summary of total jobs posted by each district under different category and requires the district to complete the recruitment plan and signoff on the data.


Non Academic Data WEB Collection

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description:   The Nonacademic Data Collection is a web based application that allows the schools to enter data on students attendance, the number of students retained, the number of students who dropped out, and the transition of students from high school to a post high school environment. This data is collected each Fall.


OAA Web Upload

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description:  The web upload application facilitates the collection and formatting of the data export from IC District for OAA.


 OCA- Organization and Codes Administrator

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Descriptions:  Organizations and Codes web application maintains the organizations (state agencies, districts, schools, etc...) details such as addresses, status of orgs, co-ops, grade ranges, etc.


 ODSS- File Transfer Portal

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Descriptions:  Upload/Download portal that allows ODSS and Coops to transfer Health related files between them.


Person Role Manager

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Descriptions:  People Manager is a web based intranet application, which used by KDE for maintaining name, demographics and address information of person, roles associated to the person at school districts.


Professional Development

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Descriptions: The Professional Development/Training Opportunities Bulletin Board is a resource for educators seeking to improve their skills, achieve their goals and help students learn. The web application provides information about the programs available and the providers list to the public.


Safe Schools

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description:  Upload portal for data from IC district to be uploaded and made available to SFCSS for reporting.


School Report Card Editor

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description:  Each year starting first Monday of November, the secure web application is opened to school districts to enter and verify their school data. Various data items (KCCT scores, NRT scores, Nonacademic data, Growth chart numbers, school enrollment figures, About school, School & Address info etc) are captured and displayed through this application.


School Report Card Public View

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description:  Each year, Kentucky Dept of Education publishes School Report Cards and mail them home to all parents of Kentucky's schoolchildren. The electronic version (word,html,pdf) of the reports are hosted on this site for public to access the current and archived reports.


Secure File Transfer (Dir of Spec Ed)

  • Customer: All School Districts
  • Description:  Upload portal that allows districts Director of Special Education persons to transfer files to Exceptional Children Services.


Self Registration (security component)

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description:  The self registration application helps the individuals to create a user ID and password that can be used with most KDE web applications.


Student Data Details

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description: Download portal that facilitates OAA to share secure/confidential documents (Excels; PDFs; Word; Text files) with District Assessment Coordinators (DACs). Only the DACs are authorized to access the application and view/download documents.


Technology Readiness Survey- Data Collection

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description: The Kentucky Technology Readiness Survey provides a snapshot of technology infrastructures throughout Kentucky schools and districts. Information represents data gathered from schools and districts throughout Kentucky as of December each year.
    174 districts report the technology usage data to KDE thru secure online system.


Technology Readiness Survey- Public View

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Descriptions:  The Kentucky Technology Readiness Survey provides a snapshot of technology infrastructures throughout Kentucky schools and districts. Information represents data gathered from schools and districts throughout Kentucky as of December each year.


Thinkfinity (formerly Marco Polo)

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Descriptions:  Thinkfinity (formerly MarcoPolo) web application provides the highest quality, standards-based Internet content and professional development to K-12 teachers and students throughout the United States. Hundreds of high-quality lesson plans, resources and classroom activities aligned with Kentucky's standards. This site was designed to help teachers provide high quality instruction for all students.



User Hint (Security Component)


  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description:  The User Hint system helps the individuals to obtain a forgotten user ID and/or password that they use for KDE applications.


User Info Editor

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Descriptions:  The User Info Editor application allows the individuals to edit their profile (e-mail address, change password, setup hint question/answer etc...).


Web Collector

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description: The Web Collector application allows KDE Web Points of Contact (WPOCs) to establish surveys, registration, and feedback pages on the KDE web site whose data is stored in a database and can be retrieved in a spreadsheet-friendly form on demand.  This system allow KDE Agencies to collect information from site visitors using standard template provided by KIDS Application Development group. The system is integrated and available via KDE website and managed by CMS Administrator.


Web Security Administrator

  • Customer:  All School Districts
  • Description:  Web Security Administrator application allows the KETS Service Desk and District Web Application Administrator Point of Contacts (WAAPOC) administer users in schools and districts access to various web applications. Through this application, the administrators manage the user accounts, password resets, applications permissions grants/revokes etc.


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