Tech Tip 10 - Office 2007 Documentation and Self-Paced Training

Published: 4/15/2013 4:43 PM

​As you may be well aware, many functions have changed in Office 2007 from the days of Office 2003. 

In November, a Tech Tip was published explaining the ribbon feature in the Office 2007 applications but we wanted to build on that message.  A new document has been added to the KETS Tech Tips online archive.  This document includes a general overview of Office 2007 as well as links to self-paced training and other Microsoft tools.  
Tip #1 – Pay particular attention to the links on page three in the document.  These links connect you to online tutorials for novice and proficient users as well as other Office 2007 resources published by Microsoft.  The online tools include tutorials and interactive pieces that allow you to select the functions you used in the Office 2003 applications and it automatically shows you where those exist in Office 2007. 
Tip #2 – Be mindful that everyone you do business with may not have Office 2007.  This includes most KY school districts.  Be sure to save documents in 97-2003 formats so there are no compatibility issues when documents are sent outside the agency.  Please note that your Office 2007 install has been configured to save documents in the 97-2003 file formats.  However, this setting can be changed manually each time you save a document so please keep this in mind as you save files. 
Published 1/29/2010

Click the links below for the Office 2007 Documentation and Self-Paced Training Manual in Word format and PDF format:
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