Tech Tip 12 - Passphrasing

Published: 9/26/2012 8:06 AM

​While choosing a complex password is critical to protecting the integrity of your network, the task of remembering your password doesn’t have to be difficult.


To help with this issue, we'd like to introduce the practice of passphrasing.  The term passphrasing refers to the use of a sequence of words or an acronym representing a string of text which can be used for your network password.  Passphrasing has been used for years as a method for remembering even the most complex passwords.
For example:
Username: alincoln
Old Password: emanc!pat10n
New Passphrase: Ahousedividedagainstitselfcannotstand!
Username: jcalipari
Old Password: Basketb@ll
New Password: NCAATourneyin2010
Username: bfranklin
Old Password: Electr1city
Favorite statement for acronym use: A penny saved is a penny earned.
New Password: Aps=ape!
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Published 2/12/2010