Tech Tip 15 - Five Quick Internet Tips

Published: 9/26/2012 8:06 AM

​Five Quick Internet Tips


1.  Using quotation marks, the plus sign, and the minus sign to refine Internet searches can save you a considerable amount of time.  Using quotation marks around a phrase ensures that the results will only show pages where that phrase is listed verbatim.  Using a plus sign ensures that returned results will feature a specific word you’ve searched for.  Using the minus sign will ensure that certain words are omitted from your search results.  For example, searching for ARRA funds by state, “ARRA funds by state” +education, or “ARRA funds by state” +education –policy will return 3.1M page results, 23,800 page results, and 6,760 page results respectively. 

2.  To quickly display the Help tool in Internet Explorer and most other applications, simply hit the F1 key on your keyboard. 
3.  Have you ever done an Internet search on a specific topic and wound up with a huge webpage full of words or articles?  If you’d like to skip to an exact phrase or word on the page, hit CTRL+F and then enter the phrase or word into the Find box and select “next” to see where the word/phrase appears on the page.  
4.  You can use Google to do math for you. Just type in an equation and hit Search to see the answer. 
5.  Google is also a units-of-measurement and currency converter. For example, type in “teaspoons in 1.3 gallons,” or “Euros in 17 dollars.” Click Search to see the answer.
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