Tech Tip 2 - Using Delegates in Microsoft Outlook

Published: 9/26/2012 8:06 AM
We’ve all seen it happen before: an e-mail or meeting request is sent from one person in the organization to another and somehow it’s magically delivered to everyone … EVERYONE!! It’s a frightening experience. The sender is thinking, “What did I send, did I share confidential information, and did this really go to everyone?” Believe it or not, this could happen to any of us. 
How does this happen? The answer is delegates. Outlook features a "delegates" option that allows you to share your calendar, inbox, tasks, contacts, notes or journal with anyone you’d like within the organization. Configured properly, you can delegate privileges such as allowing an assistant to approve/decline meeting requests on your behalf, allowing others to view your contacts and more. Configured improperly, you could inadvertently allow everyone in the organization to read your e-mail or, as illustrated above, accidentally forward incoming messages to everyone in the organization. Most people, including me, will probably never use the delegates feature in Outlook. However, for some folks in management and administration, this feature is essential.
To see who you have listed as a delegate in Outlook 2003 or 2007, click on Tools → Options → Delegates tab. When managing your delegates, it’s wise to avoid giving permissions to distribution lists. Instead, keep your delegates limited to individuals. This will keep large groups of people from having unintended access to information.
Tip – When configuring delegates, pay close attention to the checkbox that says “Delegate receives copies of meeting –related messages sent to me.” This box is checked by default and should be verified for each delegate.
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