Tech Tip 4 - E-mail Limits and Alerts

Published: 5/21/2013 10:44 PM

​You probably receive a friendly notification several times per year stating that “your mailbox is over the size limit.” Each customer of the e-mail system has a piece of physical space carved out on the KDE e-mail server that is dedicated specifically to him or her.


Think of the e-mail server as one of those self-storage businesses. The self-storage building has different-sized storage units you can rent based on need. The same type of structure exists on the e-mail server, as you’re given an allotment of space as determined by your role in the organization. In our organization there are two main roles: staff and leadership. Staff members have a storage limit of 60 megabytes (MB) and members of leadership have a storage limit of 300 MB.
Think of the number of megabytes as similar to the number of cubic feet you would have in a storage unit. When the amount of e-mail stored in your personal storage unit approaches the maximum capacity, e-mail alerts warn you so you can reduce the stored amount before you’re prohibited from sending or receiving e-mail.
To determine how much storage you’re using at any given time, right click on the folder named “Mailbox – LastName, FirstName” in Outlook. After right clicking, select “Properties,” then click on the button in the lower left of the “General” tab named “Folder Size.” Your PC will calculate the total size of your e-mail storage on the server, but the results are displayed as kilobytes (KB) instead of MB. If you divide that KB number by 1,024, that will tell you how many MB of space you’re using. For example if your account is calculated as having 12,686 KB, that is 12.38 MB.
Tip – Alert notifications are sent when accounts reach 45 MB and 200 MB for staff and leadership respectively. Also note that all of the folders and subfolders count toward the storage limit on the server. The number of messages you keep is not as important as the size of the messages you keep. You could have 500 small 15 KB messages in your “Sent Items” that total 7.32 MB or three messages that are 2.44 MB each and take up the same amount of space.
Items placed in personal folders are moved off the server and do not count toward your personal storage limit. We’ll cover personal folders next week. If you have questions about managing e-mail storage, please contact the KETS Service Desk at (502) 564-2002.
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