Tech Tip 88 - Online OCR - Converting Images to Text Documents

Published: 9/26/2012 8:07 AM
​Converting images to text documents
​Have you ever had a scanned document or picture with text that you wanted to edit or save to another format, such as Microsoft Word? There is a free online service that can help you do just that. Follow the steps below to begin:
1.       Go to
2.       Click Browse and select your document.
3.       Click Upload.
4.       Select Recognition Language.
5.       Select the output format.
6.       Enter the CAPTCHA code.
7.       Click Recognize.
At this point you will have the option to open or save the document. You can also search the document, which allows for quicker content access. This is a very simple tool that can help you avoid typing multiple pages.
Notes and precautions:
1.       As with any optical character recognition (OCR) software, it is very important to review the new file for errors. Running a spell checker can be helpful, but a full review of the document would be better for accuracy.
2.       You need to be careful not to load anything confidential to the site. Documents are probably saved in the site’s memory and may be viewable to others.
3.       As with all free software, there are some limitations, including a 15 page per hour limit, converting only one page at a time and not supporting multi-page documents.
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