Tech Tip 9 - Five Quick Tips

Published: 9/26/2012 8:07 AM

​Here are five quick-and-easy tips for several tools you’re already using:

1.  A new feature in Word 2007 allows you to save documents as a PDF without the need of a PDF print driver or other PDF software suite as in previous versions. You can use this feature by clicking “Save As” in Word and then select “PDF” in the “Save as Type” box. You may need to install an add-on for this function if it is not currently available in the Word 2007 “Save As” options. That add-on feature can be found here:
If you need any assistance installing this, please contact the KETS Service Desk.
2.  You can enlarge the text on any Web page. In Windows, press the Ctrl key and the plus or minus keys (for bigger or smaller fonts, respectively); on the Mac, it’s the Command key (Command is the key with the cloverleaf logo) and plus or minus.
3.  You can also enlarge the entire Web page or document by pressing the Ctrl key as you turn the wheel on top of your mouse. On the Mac, this enlarges the entire screen image.
4.  You can hide all windows, revealing only what’s on the computer desktop, with one keystroke: hit the Windows key and “D” simultaneously in Windows, or press F11 on Macs (on recent Mac laptops, Command and F3). That’s great when you want to examine or delete something you’ve just downloaded to the desktop. Press the same keystrokes again to return to what you were doing.
5.  You can press the spacebar to scroll down a Web page one page length. Press Shift and Spacebar to scroll up.
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