Tech Tip 90 - Protecting Your Information

Published: 5/21/2013 10:18 PM
With some holidays right around the corner, it is a busy shopping time for most people. Bargains offered for events like Black Friday often entice shoppers to spend their money, but be aware this also is a prime time for scams and spammers to try to fool you.
​Now is a great time to review some tips for staying safe with your money and personal information this holiday season.
Three tips to remember are:
1. A common ploy for scammers is to say you have a package or that you need to update information, and then offer a link to click. This link can lead to another page where you are requested to input personal or financial data. A good rule is that if you are ever requested to do this and you think it may be legitimate, you should contact the organization and speak to someone about the request.
2. Another avenue scammers use is to offer something free or promotional to entice you to input personal data. If you have not solicited a product or prize, it is a good rule to be very cautious of these offers.
3. When updating personal information or shopping online, try to be aware if the information and payments webpage is secure. This is denoted on the web address bar as HTTPS. While this doesn’t guarantee it is a secure, legitimate site, it does help to protect your information from being seen by others.
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