Tip 67 - Mapping a Drive to a SharePoint Library - May 13th 2011

Published: 5/24/2013 3:04 PM
Mapping a drive to a SharePoint document library
​SharePoint document libraries (the folders where you can find files saved and shared internally) can be accessed via your Web browser, such as Internet Explorer, or by mapping a drive directly to a library. Mapping a drive creates a shortcut to another computer where files are stored.
Drive mappings are very convenient if you access libraries often to read, edit and share documents. To map a drive directly to a document library please follow these steps:
1. In your Web browser, navigate to the document library you wish to map. Copy the entire address in the address bar; the address should start with “https” and end with “AllItems.aspx”.
2. On your desktop, right-click on My Computer and then left-click “Map Network Drive…”
3. In the Map Network Drive window that appears, use the drop-down menu next to “Drive” to pick an unused drive letter.
4. Hover your pointer over the blank Folder field and then right-click and select Paste. This will paste the address you copied from step 1.
5. You need to make a few changes to get this address into the right format.
   - Since the address will start with “https://,” you’ll need to delete the “s” so that it just starts with “http://.”
   - The address will end with “/Forms/AllItems.aspx.” Remove this as well.
   - If you use Internet Explorer, any spaces in the address are replaced with “%20.” For example, “Shared Documents” will appear as “Shared%20Documents.” You will want to change any “%20” into a space again.
6. Make sure the option for “Reconnect at logon” is checked.
7. Click Finish. Windows will map the drive and automatically open it for you.
The drive will now appear in the same manner that any network drives appear each time you log on to your PC. You may now access, edit and share documents through the mapped drive or via the Web browser. Just remember that all documents stored in SharePoint via mapped drive or the Web browser are available to everyone who accesses this shared document library.
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