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School Bus Safety

Published: 6/1/2018 3:49 PM

Every day in Kentucky, 9,855 school buses transport over 385,000 students on school buses. Every day, drivers in other vehicles pass school buses while they are loading and unloading students, causing injuries and even death.

As part of our safety awareness campaign in Kentucky the Kentucky Department of Education (KCE), along with Paula Allen who is a Kentucky School Bus Driver  Trainer, has put together a packet to help spread safety awareness.


Every year, we ask parents, guardians, members of their community and any student drivers that will be driving to school, to take the pledge. It is a pledge recognizing school buses and the children that ride in them. It is a pledge to have a positive attitude for school buses, reminder that there are children on the bus, and there are laws to keep the children safe and make sure they arrive at their destination safely. The pledge card is wallet sized to allow people and is also a useful tool for emergency contact information.


  • To have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE toward every school bus I meet every day.

  • To remember that the precious cargo the school bus carries is someone’s child

  • and that child is the future of my community and nation.

  • To not be angry when they STOP for students to load or unload.

  • To obey the laws that are meant to keep our little brothers and sisters safe.

  • To take a deep breath, leave a few minutes early and arrive safely.

Pledge Wallet Cards - School Bus Safety



For some districts, signing the pledge may mean that student drivers are given permission to drive on school property. Signing the pledge may be a great way to ask staff to take responsibility and keep an eye out for parents, students and other staff who might be passing buses, and reporting safety issues that they see. The ultimate goal of the program is to bring awareness to the issue and have zero injuries or fatalities while loading or unloading children.

School Bus Safety Pledge Sheet



The school bus and danger zone cut-outs can be used to put the name of the pledges on them and then displayed throughout the school and community. This is something that can be set out all over the district, including local businesses to help spread awareness.


KDE Materials

The Kentucky Department of Education has created a handout and coloring pages to with tips for parents to help keep their children safe.


Bus Safety Flyer-Tips for Parents


Safety Awareness

Don’t be afraid to contact your local news station, radio stations and billboard companies to help bring the awareness! There are free PSA’s that can be used.

Templates for Signs


2'x4' banner

18 x 24 yard sign

30x20 poster

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