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Published: 6/1/2018 3:49 PM

Learn more about mechanical and technical information about Kentucky school buses, state specifications, bus ordering, maintenance and inspections. 

Bus Ordering

  • Orders for buses are placed electronically and are closely monitored by KDE staff until delivery.

  • Orders received on or before November 17 will be delivered in May.

  • Purchase Authorization must include a list of options for purchase. (The new purchase authorization process is electronic.) 

  • All options must be purchased by the use of a local district purchase order.

  • All KISTA financed bus orders must be submitted by November 1 to allow the KDE to approve the bonds.

Bus Purchasing
School Bus Purchasing Site-  (Login required)
2018 Bus Purchasing Guide
2019 Proposed School Bus Specifications.pdf

Bus Inventory​

School districts must ensure that all Kentucky school buses are listed in the school bus inventory program. Inventory data is provided by school district.

2017-2018 Bus Inventory Update Instructions

2017 - 2018 School Bus Inventory

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